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The freedom to walk and ski just outside the home

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Imagine opening your front door and finding yourself faced with a vast world of outdoor opportunities. Living in a place where you can walk or practice sports such as cross-country or downhill skiing is an experience that goes far beyond the material and apparent luxury of today. It is a daily invitation to explore, connect with nature and enjoy the benefits of a rich environment
The simple act of walking outside your front door, along our cycle path, with the river singing gently accompanying you, becomes an immersion in the natural rhythms of nature. The changing colors of the seasons, the fresh air that caresses and sometimes stings the face become constant travel companions.
For those who love winter sports, such as cross-country or downhill skiing, the possibility of practicing these sports just outside the home is a priceless privilege. The snow-covered slopes are transformed into an endless playground, while the tranquility of the woods offers a perfect setting for snowshoe lovers too.
Walking or skiing just outside your home has huge benefits for your mental wellbeing. Nature acts as a rejuvenating backdrop, relieving city stress and promoting a clear, relaxed mind.
You will return from your holidays with new energy.
Every day becomes an opportunity to explore, enjoy the benefits of nature and live actively. This immediate connection with the outdoor world is not just a luxury, but a constant invitation to experience your holiday passionately and actively.



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