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Mountain refuge: a house with panoramic windows and natural materials

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Living even for just a short period, in a house immersed in the beauty of the mountains is a privilege that helps you regenerate. Architecture and design play a crucial role in accentuating this unique connection with nature, and a home with large windows and natural materials becomes an authentic mountain retreat.
Imagine waking up every morning surrounded by mountains, with large windows that serve as frames for a natural spectacle. Sunlight filtered through the windows invades the interior spaces, creating a bright and open atmosphere.
Each window becomes a living painting that changes with the seasons, giving ever-changing landscapes.
Our house is built with lots of larch wood, a typical tree of our mountains. Wooden floors, walls and ceilings give warmth and hospitality to the rooms, creating a visceral connection with the surrounding natural elements. The choice of wood not only adds comfort, but also reflects
a commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment.
The large windows not only offer breathtaking views, but also create a feeling of open space inside.
Even on bad weather days, you have the feeling of being outside. The Mottolino or Carosello ski slopes seem to reach up to us.
Living in a house surrounded by mountains and built with natural materials is an invitation to live in harmony with the surrounding environment. This not only improves the quality of life, but also creates a deep connection with nature.
In conclusion, spending your holidays in a house with large windows overlooking a mountain panorama, built with lots of wood and an environmentally friendly design, offers a unique experience. This home becomes not only a refuge, but a place where the beauty of nature and comfort of the house come together in an extraordinary union.



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