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Livigno is undoubtedly the ideal destination to spend a few days of holiday for next Easter.

The very harsh climate does not seem to want to abandon most of the Italian peninsula. In Livigno especially, snowfall is still abundant and thanks to this we still have powder and soft snow. With the arrival of the spring period, the tourist influx drops slightly and this allows you to better enjoy the ski slopes and the town.

The days are longer and brighter. The beauty of going there is being able to go on excursions immersed in the fresh snow and overlooked by the clear blue sky, which contrasts with the blinding white of the snow. It is the ideal period for those who love nature and walks in the woods with snowshoes, immersed in silence, with the breeze pricking our faces.

On the ski slopes the mountain sun is very powerful, and spending a few days in Livigno means returning home with a pretty good tan.

Even for the lazy ones in this period Livigno offers many fun activities, such as horse riding, snowmobile excursions, a nightlife with increasingly trendy clubs and, last but not least, shopping always offers excellent business opportunities.

In short, a simply enchanting place to relax and have fun just a few hours from home.

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